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4 Steps to Improve Your Law Firm Website’s Search Engine Rankings 

To get top search engine placement, you’ve probably heard that decent design, suitable key word density, straightforward navigation, right Meta tags, quality inbound links, and insightful content are all vital. This is particularly true in the case of legal firm websites. Legal search engine rankings are one of the most competitive classes for optimizing search engine rankings.

For the sake of this essay, I’ll assume that your legal website already excels in the categories already outlined, and that your site has a good ranking for the legal search phrases you want to target. However, as you are well aware, the Internet can produce excellent clients at a far lower cost than any other media. As a result, taking your legal website to the next level is a prudent move.

I’ve included a few extremely efficient ways to increase your search engine rankings below:

1. Find a new legal website.

Yes, you can have a second website for roughly $53 per month for the first year, and about $11 per month for the second year. The first year’s costs would be around $500 for a legal website, $10 for a one-year domain name registration, and $10 per month for excellent quality website hosting. The cost decreases in the second year due to the elimination of the site creation charge.

This second site should not be a carbon copy of your present one in terms of design or content. If you don’t follow these rules, your site may be removed from major search engines. Your websites should all be about your company, but each one should focus on a separate practise area. Furthermore, both of your websites should be linked to each other.

2. Pick a URL

A web address is required for your new website. Choose a domain name for your new legal website that includes some of your keywords. Which site, or, do you think would get more search engine hits?

Even if you have a strong local reputation, a potential client looking for a San Diego lawyer would almost certainly locate the first site before the second. As a result of include key terms in your URL, you’ll be more likely to be found in a key word search.

3. Invest in website-building software.

As the owner of a website, you or your assistant should be able to keep it up to date by adding new information or making small modifications. To keep your site current, it should be updated on a regular basis. HTML expertise is not required because there are several free and low-cost web site applications accessible. Personally, I believe that Microsoft FrontPage is the greatest website development programme available.

4. Invest in a search engine optimization book.

Knowledge is a powerful tool. Website designers are fantastic at creating websites, but they are typically terrible at optimising them. In many situations, if they attempt optimization at all, they are employing strategies that are outdated and, in many cases, have resulted in sites ranking much below their full potential or being penalised due to what is considered as search engine tampering.

Make your domain, your lord, not your slave! Today, pick up a book on search engine optimization.


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