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How to Increase Traffic with Old Blog Updates: A Step-by-Step Guide


Rejuvenating outdated blog content is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your website. By giving old posts a fresh coat of paint, you can breathe new life into them and capitalize on their existing authority and popularity. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide actionable tips and tricks for revamping old blog posts to boost visibility, engagement, and search engine rankings. With some strategic updates and promotion, you can transform outdated content into a traffic-driving asset. Let’s dive into the step-by-step process for updating old blog posts to grow your traffic!

Step 1: Conduct an Audit of Existing Content

The first step is to audit your current content library and identify posts with strong potential for an update. As you comb through old articles and blog posts, look for ones that meet the following criteria:

  • Rank well for high-volume keywords or have strong domain authority
  • Had strong initial social shares and engagement
  • Cover evergreen topics that maintain relevance
  • Contains outdated information, broken links, etc.

Analyze performance data from Google Analytics, search rankings, and backlink tools to quantify the opportunity with each piece of content. Identify the posts that will give you the most bang for your buck when updated. As you audit, make a master list of 10-20 blogs that are ripe for a refresh.

Step 2: Comprehensively Update the Content

With your list of target posts in hand, it’s time for a thorough overhaul. Block out time on your calendar to revisit each article in depth. Update all stats, facts, examples, expert opinions, and references to be timely and accurate. Replace any broken links or missing images.

Expand on thin sections that feel sparse by beefing up the word count. Add new supporting information, case studies, or FAQs around key topics. Don’t just tweak a few sentences – transform the content with value-focused updates. Demonstrate your commitment to creating fresh, useful content.

Step 3: Enhance Readability and Structure

As you update the actual text content, take time to enhance the readability and structure as well. Break up dense blocks of content with subheadings and list items. Add tables or charts to make data more visual and digestible.

Insert relevant graphics and images throughout the post to improve engagement. Embed citation links and quotes to back up claims. Overall, optimize the content and format for 2024 reading habits. Make scannability a priority.

Step 4: Promote and Repurpose the Content

You’ve put in the work to refresh the content – now it’s time to spread the word! Promote updated posts on social media, link to them in newsletters or email campaigns, and incorporate them into related new content.

Consider repurposing refreshed posts into guest articles for industry websites. The additional exposure helps maximize the ROI of your efforts.

Reach out to top referrers of the original piece and ask if they can link to the new version. Watch the analytics roll in as the revamped content drives increased organic traffic.

Step 5: Keep the Updates Coming

Just because you breathed new life into a post once doesn’t mean you can set it and forget it. Continually monitor your top content for areas requiring additional updates. Set reminders to revisit evergreen posts every 1-2 years.

Work ongoing content upgrades into your quarterly or annual content strategy. Maintain a master spreadsheet of posts requiring periodic refreshes. Staying diligent with updates lets your content library snowball over time.


With a data-driven audit of top posts and a focus on transforming content with value-focused updates, you can continually gain more traffic from old content. Comprehensively updating and prominently promoting refreshed posts taps into existing authority while demonstrating a commitment to creating current, useful content. To continually grow organic traffic, you must keep your best content fresh and relevant. With this scalable approach, old blog posts become powerful evergreen assets.

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