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3 Steps To Getting Your Website Listed In Search Engines

You’ve just completed putting in a lot of effort to get your website up and running. You’re all set to take orders and close deals. The only issue is that no one can locate your website! To acquire traffic to your website, you need to get listed in the main search engines. What options do you have? If you follow these three procedures, the search engines will be aware of your site in no time.

  • Write an article on your website’s core subject.

Are you unsure if you have sufficient writing skills to compose an article? Don’t be concerned about being flawless. Write about what you’re familiar with. Keep the article to 300-600 words in length. When writing the article, provide general information that anyone would be happy to post as valuable content on their website. In this post, don’t try to pitch your product or service.

  • At the end of the piece, include a resource box with your website URL.

You’re ready to construct your resource box if you’ve written an excellent general information piece that’s related to your website’s theme. Keep in mind that you want to go right to the point. It is generally OK to promote your product or service in this resource box, but it must be kept brief. It’s important to note that the purpose of having this resource box is to gain a connection back to your website. The resource box’s secondary aim is to encourage readers of your content to click through and visit your website.

If you’re going to add a link in your resource box, make sure it contains one of your home page’s important keywords. Keywords are the phrase or phrases that a visitor will type into a search engine to reach your website. Instead of your website address, make the term the clickable component of the link. Between your html anchor link and this keyword text, put this keyword text.

  • Submit your content to a number of reputable article directories.

Once you’ve finished writing your article, submit it to the major article directories in order to get it published on as many websites as possible.

If you follow these three procedures, search engines will discover, crawl, and list your website in their results. That’s all there is to it!



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