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The End of How-To Rich Results: Adapting to Google’s Latest Change

Google’s ever-evolving search algorithms have once again taken a significant turn, leaving content creators and SEO experts reeling. The search giant has made the decision to completely remove How-To Rich Results from its search engine, a move that has sent shockwaves through the digital marketing landscape.

Understanding How-To Rich Results

What are How-To Rich Results?

How-To Rich Results were a valuable feature for content creators looking to share step-by-step instructions, guides, and tutorials. These results often appeared as a snippet at the top of the search results page, making them highly visible and sought after. They included structured information, images, and even videos, providing users with quick access to helpful content.

The Impact of Google’s Decision

Why did Google remove How-To Rich Results?

Google’s decision to remove How-To Rich Results stems from its commitment to improving the quality of search results and reducing the prevalence of low-quality content. This change is part of a broader effort to ensure that users receive the most accurate and reliable information when they conduct searches.

Alternatives for Content Creators

What can content creators do instead of How-To Rich Results?

With How-To Rich Results gone, content creators need to explore alternative ways to showcase their expertise and reach their target audience. One option is to focus on traditional organic search results and create high-quality, informative content that addresses user needs.

SEO Strategies for Adaptation

How to modify SEO strategies in light of this change

Adapting to Google’s removal of How-to Rich Results requires a shift in SEO strategies. Content creators should focus on optimizing their content for traditional search results, utilizing relevant keywords, and ensuring their content is well-structured and user-friendly.

User Experience Considerations

How will this affect user experience on Google?

The removal of How-to Results raises questions about how users will experience search results. Google is expected to place greater emphasis on traditional organic results, which means that content creators must prioritize user-friendly and informative content to maintain a positive user experience.

Examples of Effective How-To Content

Highlighting success stories in the past

While How-To Rich Results were effective, there have been numerous success stories of websites that excelled at providing high-quality how-to content without relying on Rich Results. These examples serve as inspiration for content creators facing this change.

Content Structuring Tips

Creating user-friendly how-to content

To succeed without How-To Rich Results, content creators should pay close attention to content structuring. This includes using clear headings, bullet points, and visuals to make their guides and tutorials easy to follow.

Impact on Websites and Traffic

How will website traffic be affected by this removal?

The removal of How-To Results will undoubtedly have an impact on website traffic for those who heavily relied on them. Content creators and website owners must monitor their analytics closely and be prepared to adjust their strategies as needed.

Google’s Future Plans

What is Google planning for rich results in the future?

Google has not left content creators in the dark. The search giant is actively working on new ways to enhance search results and provide valuable information to users. Staying informed about Google’s future plans is crucial for SEO professionals.

Advice from SEO Experts

Insights from leading SEO experts on the change

SEO experts from around the world have weighed in on Google’s decision. Their insights and recommendations can help content creators navigate this transition effectively.

The How-To rich results are officially deprecated.

Google announced:

“Continuing our efforts to simplify Google’s search results, we’re extending the How-to change to desktop as well. As of September 13, Google Search no longer shows How-to rich results on desktop, which means this result type is now deprecated.

This change will be visible in the metrics for the How-to search appearance in the performance report and in the number of impressions reported in the How-to enhancement reports.

Since How-to results no longer appear in Google Search, we will be dropping the How-to search appearance, rich result report, and support in the Rich results test in 30 days.

To allow time for adjusting your API calls, support for How-to in the Search Console API will be removed in 180 days.”


The removal of How-To Results by Google is a significant change that requires adaptation and innovation from content creators and SEO experts alike. While the landscape may have shifted, the fundamentals of providing high-quality, user-friendly content remain unchanged.


Why did Google decide to remove How-To Rich Results?

Google made this decision to improve the quality of search results and combat low-quality content.

What should content creators do instead of relying on How-To Rich Results?

Content creators should focus on creating high-quality, user-friendly content and optimizing it for traditional organic search results.

How will this change affect website traffic?

Websites that heavily rely on How-To Rich Results may experience a decline in traffic, necessitating adjustments to their strategies.

Are there any alternatives to How-To Rich Results?

Content creators can explore traditional organic search results and other rich result types, such as FAQ and How-To Schema.

What is Google planning for rich results in the future?

Google is actively working on new ways to enhance search results, and staying informed about their future plans is essential for SEO professionals.



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