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Meta Considers Building First Data Center in India to Fuel Reels Growth

Big news for Meta in India! The social media giant is reportedly exploring the possibility of establishing its first-ever data center in the country. This move, as per sources close to the matter, is primarily driven by the surging popularity of Instagram Reels, Meta’s short-form video feature, in its largest market.

According to a report by Moneycontrol, Meta is currently evaluating the feasibility of setting up a “cache-focused” data center with a capacity between 10-20 megawatts. This translates to a potential investment ranging from ₹500 crore to ₹1,200 crore. The company is also expected to launch a feasibility study in the first quarter of 2024 to further assess the project’s viability.

Why is Meta considering this move? India is not only Meta’s largest market but also one where Instagram Reels first saw a broad rollout back in July 2020. This strategic decision to establish a local data center could potentially improve the user experience for Reels by reducing latency and enhancing content delivery speeds.

While the specifics of location and investment are yet to be finalized, this development signifies Meta’s growing commitment to the Indian market and its recognition of the immense potential that Reels holds within the region.

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