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How to Use Trending Instagram Hashtags in Your Reels for Maximum Views

Instagram Reels has become one of the hottest ways to create short, entertaining video content. And using relevant, trending hashtags is key to getting your Reels seen by more users. Hashtags help Instagram’s algorithm understand what your Reel is about and surface it to users interested in Instagram hashtags trending reels. Including trending and viral hashtags can lead to an explosion of views, comments, and shares if your Reel starts gaining traction.

In this post, we’ll break down how to research and effectively utilize trending hashtags in your Instagram Reels to maximize views and engagement.

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Why Trending Hashtags Matter for Reels

Trending hashtags on Instagram indicate growing interest and engagement around specific topics. By using relevant trending hashtags early when creating a Reel, you increase the chances of it being shown to more users already engaging with those hashtags.

This can lead to a snowball effect of continued views, likes, and shares the more a Reel featuring trending hashtags gains momentum. Your Reels may even be featured on the “Trending” tab for that hashtag, growing your reach exponentially.

Research Trending Reel Hashtags

The key is identifying which hashtags are currently trending on Reels specifically. Here are some tools and methods to discover the most popular Reels hashtags:

Instagram Trending Page – Check Instagram’s Trending page daily to see the top trending Reels hashtags and topics.

Best hashtag.com This site tracks the most popular hashtags on Reels, updated daily. Filter by categories to find trending hashtags in your niche.

Ritetag – Input keyword themes related to your Reels content and Ritetag will generate relevant trending hashtags to use.

Competitor Analysis – Study trending hashtags used by top Reels creators in your industry.

UGC Posts – User-generated content can reveal additional trending hashtags to leverage.

How to Effectively Use Trending Hashtags in Your Reels

Once you’ve researched current trending hashtags, incorporate them strategically into your Reels:

Place 1-2 Trending Hashtags Up Front – Putting top trending hashtags first optimizes the potential to be discovered in searches.

Sprinkle In Additional Trending Hashtags – Include 5-10 other trending hashtags throughout the hashtag list.

Make Hashtags Relevant – Only use trending hashtags closely related to your Reel’s content.

Blend Trending and Niche Tags – Mix trending hashtags with more niche ones relevant to your audience.

Update Frequently – Continuously monitor and update hashtags as trends change.

Call Out Hashtags in Captions – Mention the most important trending hashtag in your Reel caption too.

Types of Trending Hashtags to Use in Reels

Trending hashtags that work well in Reels often fall into these categories:

Dance trends – Dance challenge hashtags like #dnachallenge or #kickhitcut

Comedy trends – Funny hashtag memes like #bingobongo or #imfine

Topic trends – Trending topics like #booktok or #WorkFromHome

Effect trends – Popular AR effects like #headshake or #posechallenge

Holiday trends – Timely seasonal hashtags like #halloweenlook

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Examples of Top Reels Hashtags

Here are some examples of top trending hashtags on Reels to give you an idea of what to look for:

• #reelitfeelit

• #reelkarofeelkaro

• #transitiontrend

• #BussItChallenge

• #wipeitdown

• #loveforchocolate

• #reelsindia

Leveraging a mix of widely viral hashtags along with niche tags relevant to your content is key for Reels success.

Tools to Identify Trending Hashtags

These tools can help identify the top trending Instagram hashtags to use:

Ritetag – Generates hashtag recommendations based on keyword themes

Trendsmap – Real-time geo-targeted hashtag tracking

Display Purposes – Tracks top hashtag performance

Seekmetrics – Provides Instagram hashtag research and analysis

Stay on top of the latest trending hashtag data to make sure your Reels hashtags stay optimized.

Timing Matters Too

When you post your Reel can impact traction too. According to Instagram, 60% of the most-viewed Reels are posted between Monday-Friday from 11 am-3 pm.

Track when top hashtags normally trend to aim your Reels release timing for maximum impact.

Measure Performance

Analyze which trending hashtags drive the most impressions and engagement for your Reels. Double down on what works while phasing out underperforming hashtags.

Tools like Insights.io and Iconosquare make it easy to track Reels hashtag performance over time.

Consistently Optimize Your Reels Hashtags

Including relevant trending Instagram hashtags in your Reels is critical for growth. But hashtag trends change daily. Set aside time each week to:

• Research the latest trending Reels hashtags

• Update hashtags used in your new and existing Reels

• Analyze hashtag performance and refine your strategy

Staying on top of Instagram’s ever-changing hashtag trends will ensure your Reels get discovered by more of your target audience looking for the latest Instagram hashtags trending reels. Consistently optimizing your hashtags for relevance and performance is crucial for Reels success.

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