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10 Pointers For A Successful Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaign

1. When you’re initially getting started with PPC search engines, keep your bids at $0.10 and never spend more than $0.30 until you’ve gained more expertise. If you run out of keywords, just drop them and add more till you reach your desired positions. Increase your bids once you’ve found a winner to obtain additional visitors.

2. You want a return on your advertising spending of at least 40% and ideally 50%. So, if you’re offering a product that pays you $20 each sale and it takes 50 visits to make a transaction with a certain term, a 50% return would place your bid at no more than $0.20 per click.

3. Deposit the smallest amount feasible into your accounts. This will allow you to get started and familiarise yourself with the system without breaking the bank.

4. Never spend more than $50 on an advertisement without getting a return on your money. Either alter the advertisement or start advertising a new product.

5. Running two distinct adverts for the same product at the same time is a terrific strategy to optimise your income. You’ll be able to observe which ad is bringing in the most sales this way. Remove the ineffective ad and replace it with a fresh one until you’re pleased with the results.

6. Read the website and familiarise yourself with it before deciding which website or websites to promote. After that, choose your keywords and set up your adverts.

7. Keep track of your advertising, keep an eye on them, and check your Affiliate Affiliate Bank account to see if they’re pulling their weight.

8. Use your keywords as often as possible in your adverts; this is believed to increase conversion rates.

9. As you come across new keywords, add them to your advertising and remove the ones that aren’t working. You should always try to enhance your profits.

10. When you have a successful ad, constantly be on the lookout for the next big thing; this way, you may have many streams of income flowing in from different advertising all day long.



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